fake it 'til you make it
2015 - 2016

Bryony is an outrageous, hilarious and fearless performance artist from London. Tim is an outrageous, hilarious and fearless account manager from a top advertising agency.

Bryony and Tim are a couple. Bryony spends most of her life on tour, trying her best to change the world. Tim spends most of his life at a desk trying his best to sell the world. Six months into their relationship, Bryony found out that Tim suffers from severe clinical depression. He had kept it a secret for a very long time.

Fake it ‘til you Make it is Edinburgh Fringe First Winner, Bryony Kimmings’ work about clinical depression and men... from two people who know all about it! Expect homemade music, stupid dancing, onstage arguments, real-life stories, tears and truths. A wickedly warming and funny show about the wonders and pitfalls of the human brain, being in love and what it takes to be a ‘real man’.



"Deeply affecting"
Evening Standard



"Artfully crafted, tightrope walkingly fragile and really rather beautiful"
Herald Scotland



"A hilarious, tear-jerking show about mental health"

Financial Times



★★★★★ The Stage

★★★★ The Guardian

★★★★ The Independent

★★★★ The Telegraph