Mummy Time November 2011 – July 2012

Welcome to the world of family business and ‘ere we start ‘em young!

Mum's knee deep in sheets, Nan's in hospital again and your Uncle Tony’s on the phone for a score. You and your sister need to lend a hand... so get wrapping you council scum. Watch out for the social worker cos if she sees us we’re all f**ked!

Mummy Time was a high octane, funny and ultimately moving 1-to-1 experience for festivals. The audience member became the 4th member of the family clan just home from primary school. This 10 minute baptism of fire followed the audience member eating poverty tea, doing their poxy homework and helping to wrap and weigh drugs for Mummy until child services disrupt the fun.


“Kimmings is a master of the haphazard, and this is one-to-one theatre close to the top of its unsettling game"