SEX IDIOT Created in 2010, Toured 2010-2015

Following her first STI test, Bryony discovered she had a common sexual disease. Not one for looking back, she was faced with the arduous task of retracing her sexual footsteps to see where she'd contracted her little problem.

Join Bryony on a whirlwind tour of her sexual misadventures and self-realisations, told through vignettes of performance, dance and song lovingly gaffer-taped to some rough chat.

Nestled somewhere between homemade pop song, ornithological nature trail and an ode to love lost, Sex Idiot is a glittering, unabashed cabaret of confession with a wonky DIY feel. This is a show for anyone who's ever had a one-night stand and genuinely enjoyed it, broken hearts in search of true love and ultimately realised that no (wo)man is an island.

Best Emerging Artist, Total Theatre Award 2010

The West Australian Arts Editor Award 2015

Best Comedy, Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award 2015

Best Comedy Award, The Advertiser Adelaide 2015

“This saucy, audacious brand of idiocy is smart stuff indeed”
The Times

“a real breath of fresh air, with a berserk joie de vivre that is - yes - wholly infectious”
Time Out

“I'm only allowed to give a 5-star rating when I would like to give 6.”
Remote Goat

“Sex Idiot is brilliantly conceived and executed, and it will have you crying from laughter and eventually shedding a tear”
A Younger Theatre

Time Out
Evening Standard