That Catherine
Bennett Show
Created in February 2014

Bryony and her nine year old niece, Taylor, decided to play the global tween machine at its own game by inventing dinosaur-loving, bike-riding, tuna pasta-eating, alternative pop star Catherine Bennett.

Their aim was to make CB world famous to prove that an alternative to the current mind-numbing offer was viable and wanted. Catherine Bennett is embodied by Aunty Bry and totally and utterly managed by Taylor! Join the duo in this heart-warming tale of their magnificent journey together. Expect pop songs, silly dances, lots of real-life video and tales of storming the Houses of Parliament, being played on Radio 1 and getting their message right to the CBBC headquarters.

This is a show about family activism, children’s rights and believing in your own power as an individual to change the world… even at nine years old!

Download the singles Apathy, The Future and Animal Kingdom on iTunes.


“Catherine Bennett gets to be the pop star she was built to be – the kind of pop star who pauses mid-gig to help a seven year old girl identify a mammoth’s tooth”

“A pop powerhouse”
Time Out

“Magic, silliness and lip-syncing, as well as that 'you can change the world!' message”
The Independent


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